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Golden Teacher Mushrooms
Product description
Golden Teacher Mushrooms, also known as a strain of Psilocybe Cubensis, is the most popular psychedelic mushroom strain around! There are many attributes of this strain which contribute to its popularity. The exact origins are unknown but it is highly recognizable because of its golden caps with specks of yellow. Compared to most other Psilocybe Cubensis strains, Golden Teachers have larger stems and caps and a generally more elegant appearance. The name “Golden Teacher” comes from this magic mushroom’s ability to teach by providing new psychedelic experiences and transcedence to shroomers. There’s no education higher than unraveling the mysteries of the universe!

The recommended dosage (depending on the type of experience you are seeking) is between 100 to 2500mg. For experienced shroomers, this dose may be quite small but this strain is well known for its high potency.

Those of you who are new to the world of psychedelics can count on Golden Teachers for a reliable trip with lesser chances of a bad trip. Hence, they are often a gateway for magic mushroom newbies!

In terms of effects, Golden Teacher shrooms are known to produce a feeling of enlightenment and deeper connection to nature. Spirit healers turn to this strain as a tool for restoring the mind and spirit. Lastly, Golden Teacher shrooms also produce hallucinogenic effects – a trait common among all magic mushrooms. Expect a visionary experience along with waves of universal energy surging through you with strong open and closed eye hallucinations.

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